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PSX Online Settings

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PSX Online Settings

Post  DRS on Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:48 am

I suggest you use the emulator ePSXe Version 1.5.2 to play PSX online, which can be downloaded HERE.

The PSX emulator, if you used the download link provieded by Good Doctor Media, should include plugins already preset with the addition of Honamaru's version of Tekken 3 ".iso" image file, which you can download HERE.

The servers you should play on are the "Galaxy 64" and "West Wonderland" servers, if possible (these have the largest populas of games waiting), but try to find game on a server where both you and the person your attepting to play with have a low ping (anything with a ping <60ms is decent). The online "Netplay" game client ".dll" plugin file for Kalleria servers is "kailleraclient.dll", which can be downloaded HERE.

**The settings for ePSXe Version 1.5.2**
- The ".bin" US Bios version "SCPH1001.BIN".
- The ".dll" video plugin "gpuPeteD3D.dll" (Pete's D3D Driver 1.67).
- The ".dll" sound plugin "spuNull.dll" (This is no sound, sound should be off during online gameplay to avoid having the game desynch).
- It does not matter what plugin you use to load the ".iso" image file.
- The "Netplay" on game client ".dll" plugin file for Kalleria servers is "kailleraclient.dll".

--Download links to these plugins and the emultor ePSXe Vesion 1.5.2 can be found on the our downloads pageHERE.


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