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Post  DRS on Thu May 19, 2011 10:24 pm

Q: What is an Emulator?
A: Hardware or software for one machine optimized to create a same or similar output onto a different machine, in the case of Good Doctor Media, we use emulators to create the same affect of some consoles, optimized for the internet, to be publicly viewed and played with some java applications and others.

Q: What is Java and how is it used?
A: Java is a codex based computer programming tool used for scripting of many applications, much of which are used in background programs and other supporting programs all over the internet for games, images, sound buffers, etc. Our NES games, as an example, our supported by two different java applets, one of which is vNES, and the other is NES Café.


Q: Why are the flash games not working?
A: There are various reasons why the game could not be working; if it shows a blank screen it could be that the game has not fully loaded or it may be a dead link or deleted directory, in such case contact staff and it will be repaired as soon as possible. To ensure that it is not you that has the problem you should sure you have, download, and are running the latest version of Micro Media Flash Player.

Q: Why does my computer run slow when playing NES games?
A: Since the NES games all run on Java they take up quite a bit of your Computer Processing Unit (CPU). To ensure that the game runs properly, try to keep the windows, applications, and tabs to a minimum and make sure you only have one Java based application running at once.

Q: Why won't player 2 for vNES register any of my input commands?
A: The problem is that vNES player 2 controller is only capadable with using the number keys labeled.

Q: Why is the flash game I'm trying to play stuck on the loading screen?
A: This is a reoccuring issue with some of our games especially the flash games converted to a .swf file from a different file type. A temporary solution to play the game is force loading the game by right clicking and selecting "Foward".

If you have an questions refering to the site or forum I will answer them here and make sure they make their way to the main site.


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