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Tekken 6 BR Kazuya Mishima Combos

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Tekken 6 BR Kazuya Mishima Combos

Post  DRS on Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:35 pm

_ - or
, - Next
+ - and
~ - Immediately Next
[#] - Damage
(wall) - Against wall
(wall-break) - Break through wall
(floor-break) - Break through floor
1 - Right Punch (RP)
2 - Left Punch (LP)
3 - Right Kick (RK)
4 - Left Kick (LK)
N - Neutral
d/u/f/b - Down/Up/Forward/Back
D/U/F/B - Hold Down/Hold Up/Hold Forward/Hold Back
(!B) - Bound
(CH) - Counter
lp - Low parry
ws - While standing (rising)
cd - Crouch dash (f,N,df_f,N,d,df)
EWGF - Eletric Wind God Fist (f,N,d,df+2)
PEWGF - Perfect Eletric Wind God Fist (f,N,df+2)
DDEWGF - Deep Dash Eletric Wind God Fist (f,F,N,d,df+2)
SDEWGF - Short Dash Eletric Wind God Fist (f~f~N~d~df+2)

Wall Combos:
ewgf, cd3 (wall), df2 (wall-break), df3, df12, b31, f3
ewgf, ewgf, uf3 (!B), ff, b24, ff, ewgf (wall), ff, ewgf, 1+2 [97]
ewgf, ewgf, 1, 1, ff, df3, ff, df12, ff, df1f2, ff, 1+2
ewgf, ewgf, 314 (wall), ewgf, df321, f4 (!B), ewgf
ewgf, ewgf, ewgf, db2, ewgf, ewgf (wall), fff, ewgf, 1+2
ewgf, ewgf, ewgf, b24 (wall), ff3 (!B), b31, df2 [100]
ewgf, ewgf, ewgf (wall), fff, f2 (wall-break), df3, df14 (wall), db2 (!B), 314
ewgf, ewgf, ewgf, ewgf (wall), db2 (!B), b3143
(CH) ewgf, ewgf, ewgf, ddewgf (wall), ff, db2 (!B), df14 (wall-break), b21
(CH) ewgf, ewgf, 1, df3, df12 (!B), b21 (wall), fff, ewgf, 1+2
(CH) ewgf, ewgf, df3, df12 (!B), ewgf, ewgf (wall), ff, ewgf, 1+2
(CH) df2, pewgf, ewgf, ewgf, db2 (!B), df14 (wall), ff, uf3 (floor-break), df321
(CH) df2, pewgf, ewgf, 1, b21 (wall), ff, df2 (wall-break), f4, b21
(CH) df2, pewgf, ewgf, 314, db2 (!B), ff, df14 (wall), 1234
(CH) df2, pewgf, ewgf, f1, f1, 1234 (wall), df321 (wall-break), f4 (!B), ewgf
(CH) df2, pewgf, df2, ewgf (wall), db2, df2 (wall-break), ewgf
(CH) df2, ewgf, ewgf, ewgf, ff, ewgf, 1+2
cd1, df321, (wall-break), df12, ff, b21
lp (!B), 314, 1234 (wall), uf3, df321
lp (!B), ewgf, df321 (wall), df2 (wall-break), b21
ws2, ff, 314, f4 (!B), cd3 (wall), df14 (wall-break), cd3
ws2, ff, 314, df12 (!B), df12 (floor-break)
ff2, sdewgf, 1, df33 (!B) (floor), df1f2 (wall), ff, ewgf, 1+2 [100]
ff2, ewgf, 3 (wall), ff, uf3 (!B), df2 (wall-break), df321
ff2, df14, df321 (wall), ff, db2 (!B), df321 [93]
ff2, uf4, ff4 (!B), 1234 (Wall), 1+2
ff2, df14, db2 (!B), df14 (wall), ff, df14 (wall-break), df14
ff3, b24, b21 (wall), ff, df2 (wall-break), f4 (!B), ff, b21
fuft3, ewgf, df3, df12 (!B), ff, df3, df14 (wall), ewgf, 1+2
fuft3, db3, ewgf, df321 (wall), ff, db2 (!B), df321
fuft3, db3, df12 (!B), b31, ff, df14 (wall), df321 (wall-break), ewgf
ws12, 314, 1234 (wall), ff3 (!B), 1234, 1+2
(cd4)4, ewgf, df12 (!B), df3, df12 (floor-break), df14 (wall), ddewgf, 1+2
ss3, ff, db2 (!B), cd41 (wall), df2, b21
b1+4 (wall), uf3 (!B), df2 (wall-break), b31, f12, ff, ewgf
(pp)f2 (wall-break), ewgf, df12 (!B), df321
ewgf, ewgf, ewgf, 1234 (wall), cd42 (wall-break), f4 (!B), b1+4

Oki Example:
(CH) df2, pewgf, ewgf, ewgf, f2 (wall-break), df3, df12 (!B), f4, d3+4 (oki), b24, db2, df3, df14 (wall), fff, df321

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